FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and T&Cs

Where are the huts?

We have 8 beautiful beach huts along the Walton-on-the-Naze seafront.
Walton Huts
These huts are all at Southcliff which is the beach between the pier and Frinton:
Daisy, (Yellow Hut) A183 (furthest from the pier towards the Frinton end)
Lizzie, (Pale Pink Hut) A178
Bertie, (Blue Hut) A172
Rosie, (Pink Hut) A173
Molly,  (Turquoise Hut) A115
Lily,     (Pink Hut) A42
Poppy, Pink Hut) A16
Billie,   (Turquoise Hut) A14  (A14 is closest to the pier)
All above are Front Row, Southcliff Promenade, Walton on the Naze, Essex CO14 8EJ
Which hut would suit me best?
First of all, have a look at the photos on each hut’s page to see which one you like the look of.
All are front row and have excellent views of the sea and coastline. You can sit outside your hut and watch the world go by and the kids on the beach.
Look at the hut numbers and you will see where they are in relation to each other and also where they are in relation to the pier with Billie (number 14) being nearest the pier (and therefore busier) and Daisy (number 183) being furthest (and therefore quieter)
The Lily, Poppy and Billie Huts are flat on the prom with no steps and the Molly Hut has only 1 small step so these 4 are perfect for toddlers and people who find steps difficult as they are all directly on the prom. There is also a ramp down to the sand by Lily
The Daisy, Bertie, Lizzie and Rosie huts are further from the busy pier end so are quieter and are set back a few steps from the prom with their own space outside to set up your deckchairs and table and spread out across the steps away from the prom so great if you want to have a bit of space between you and the people walking by. 
Molly and Lizzie have perspex screens that you can put into the window frames on days when the weather isn't so kind.
Molly and Billie Huts have a curtain that you can pull across to give you a bit more privacy when getting changed etc.
Huts next door to each other: Rosie and Bertie so if you are a group of more than 8 then you should book these two together.  Lizzie is nearby too, just 4 huts between them.  Billie and Poppy have two huts between them plus a set of steps.
Where shall I park?
The best place to park is in the large public carpark near the pier (Church Road, CO14 8DE).  There is also parking along the residential streets nearby and in the station carpark (CO14 8DH) or Millennium Square car park (CO14 8AF)
If you are visiting the Daisy, Bertie, Lizzie, Molly or Rosie huts from September to May (there are parking restrictions in the summer) you can park at the far end of Woodberry Way, CO14 8ER (the end that is furthest from the station)
Walton has a train station too with good links to London and Colchester and in fact, Walton station is even nearer to the beach than the carpark! 
How do I find the hut?
All the huts have numbers on them so you can check if you’re heading in the right direction!
From the Pier, with the sea on your left, walk along the prom, round the bend and you will find the huts spread out along the prom from there, Billie (A14) being the closest to the pier and A183 (Daisy) being the furthest. If you have a buggy or don’t want steps this is the way to access the prom.
From the station or Church Road carpark, head for Woodberry Way and on the corner of Woodberry Way where it bends round to the right go down the steps to the beach and, at the bottom, turn left for Billie (first hut you come to after the stripy hut) or turn right for all other huts
From the far end of Woodberry Way, walk down the ramp then turn LEFT at the beach and approach the hut from that direction which is slightly shorter than approaching from the pier end (Molly is about equidistant)

What happens when you book a beach hut with us?

As soon as you book, you will receive a booking confirmation email straight away and then another email a few days before your booking with all the info you need.
If you don’t receive the emails, please check in your junk folder as they do seem to disappear into there sometimes! (Hotmail and Outlook accounts seem particularly prone to this!) If you save [email protected] as a contact this sometimes alleviates the problem as it thinks we’re friends (Ahhh!)

How do I gain access to the hut?

Access to the hut is via a key safe on the back or side of the hut. The keysafe code will be included in the email that we send you in the days leading up to your booking. When you replace the keys at the end of the day, please be sure to scramble the keycode and close the shutter on the keysafe.
How many are allowed in the huts?
Huts are equipped for 6 and hold a maximum of 8 per hut including babies and dogs! We reserve the right to ask you to leave if we find an excess of guests.
When are you open?

From the start of the school Easter holidays to the end of October half term.  We often have weekday discounts (excluding bank/school holidays) so please check our social media for updates. Facebook and/or Instagram.

How and when do I pay?
The website handles all the payments through Stripe (similar to but better than Paypal!)  You can use a credit or a debit card.
Payments are required in full at the time of booking and we are sorry but we do not do refunds or transfers so please be sure when you book. 
What are your Check in and Check out times?

High/Mid Season: 10am-6pm (we can be flexible on the 10am so do ask if you want to arrive early – sometimes we clean them or do maintenance on them in the mornings rather than at night especially if the weather was bad the previous evening)
Low Season: 10am-5pm

Can we stay in the huts overnight?

Unfortunately it is not permitted to stay overnight as beach huts are not classed as dwellings. 

Where can I stay overnight nearby?

In addition to the beach huts, we also operate a holiday let called Daisy Beach House which is right behind the beach huts.  It has all the charm and styling of our beach huts and sleeps 8! Click here for more info
Where are the nearest shops and restaurants?

The Beach Hut Kiosk by the pier (cash only)
Mays Broadwalk Café along the prom (cash only)
The Beach House (eat-in diner with a surfer vibe that we love!)
Tollgate Fisheries (fish and chips)
Yates (fish and chips)
The Potato Shack 
Whites Pie and Mash (proper Essex grub!!)
The Walton Tavern
The Queens Head
The Victory (our favourite pub – fab food and dog friendly!)
The Co Op, Tesco Express, Premier Shop
M&S and Aldi - Arthur Ransome Way CO14 8FA

Can we get food delivered to the hut?
There are several food companies that you can book for this:
Cakes By Emma for amazing afternoon teas / picnics / special cakes etc
Sweets By The Shore for deliveries of sweetie trays – a fabulous treat for kids and the young at heart!
French Fancies Grazing do the most wonderful sweet and/or savoury graze boxes and cream teas!
Can we have birthday/anniversary bunting and balloons?
If you contact us in advance then we can offer this service for a small fee which makes a really nice surprise when the person whose special day it is arrives!
Alternatively you may put up your own but please be sure not to damage the surfaces and remove any traces before you leave.
What do you supply in the hut?

  • Table

  • 6 Chairs

  • Cups/Glasses/Plates/Cutlery/bottle opener/corkscrew

  • Tea/Coffee/Sugar

  • 1 Ring Gas Stove (and Spare stove)

  • Kettle

  • 2 blankets

  • Cushions

  • Beach Toys (We advise you bring your own if important as these often go missing!)

  • Parasol

  • Fire Blanket

  • Dust pan and brush/ Broom / Mop / Wipes

  • Washing up liquid, bowl and brush

  • Bin bags

  • Sanitiser

Sometimes things do go missing but we try our hardest to keep the list above up to date and appreciate you letting us know if you spot something is missing!

Please bring your own beach towels, a tea towel for your washing up and milk for your cuppa!!
Are the huts accessible for wheelchairs?

Unfortunately the huts themselves are not accessible for wheelchairs as all have a step up into the hut, however, the promenade is wheelchair friendly and there is a ramp that leads down to the sand.  We would advise wheelchair users to book Billie, Poppy or Lily which have no steps or Molly which has one small step
Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are very welcome in all the huts and the beach in front of all the Walton huts is dog-friendly all year round. 
Please remember to scoop the poop and do not leave dogs unattended in or out of the hut.

Do you have Gas or Electricity?

None of the huts have electricity but are fully equipped with a one ring gas stove and spare gas. A spare gas stove and canisters can be found in each hut. Please remember not to leave the stove unattended when on and to turn the gas off when you depart.
Please do not use any other cooking pans other than the kettle provided as this is a fire hazard.  No frying in any of the huts as it causes a terrible mess and is a fire hazard. 

How do I use the gas stove?

There is a gas stove and kettle in each hut and spare canisters and stove in the cupboard underneath.  If you need to change the gas canister please ensure it is inserted properly.  Please watch this short video on how to change the gas canister as if it is not done correctly it can cause a fire.  I would advise that you check before you use it in case the people before you have not and make sure you know where the fire blanket is!  The thing people often do wrong is to forget to turn the canister so that the notch in the rim is facing upwards and locked into the connector (this is shown at 40 seconds on the video clip)  Click Here to watch the video

Do not use the gas stove when the perspex window and / or door are closed as there will not be enough ventilation which could cause a build-up of carbon monoxide in the hut.

Can we bring a BBQ?

BBQ’s are not permitted in or around the beach huts. This includes the Promenade.

Is there running water?

There are drinking water taps near all of the huts.  There’s one just behind the Lily, Poppy and Billie huts and then there’s one behind hut A122 by the toilet block on the prom for Daisy, Bertie, Lizzie, Molly and Rosie.  The taps are switched off from October to March.
For more specific information/dates about tap and WC closures in winter months you can contact Tendring Council’s Seafronts Team on 01255 686638 / 01255 222022
Where are the toilets?

Public toilets can be found opposite the pier and half way along the prom in Walton.  The ones by the pier are open all year round, the ones on the prom are closed in winter

Are there disabled toilets nearby?

Disabled toilets can be found opposite the pier. You will need a radar key to access them.
Changing Places also have facilities on the prom.  For more info Click here

Are there beach toys?

We do provide some beach toys but to be on the safe side, if they are important to you, we advise you bring your own or be prepared to buy some from one of the kiosks as our toys come and go regularly. (NB.kiosks are cash only)

Are the huts cleaned between guests?
Yes, we take great pride in creating beautiful huts for your enjoyment and make every effort to have it looking perfect for you but please be aware that this relies upon each guest treating it as they would their own place.  There are regular cushion and blanket changes to keep them fresh and clean for you and the huts are checked and sanitised every day but please, if you break or soil something please do let us know so that we can try to sort it out for the next guests.  We completely understand that accidents happen (especially when kids are around!) so please let us know as it’s unfair for the next day’s guests to find that things aren’t what they had hoped for!
Should I tidy up before I leave?

The Hut should be left in a clean and tidy condition prior to departure.  Please ensure all the washing up is done, dried and put away, the floors are swept and all rubbish is removed.
Cleaning equipment and products are provided for that purpose.

What happens if I lock myself out/lose the key/break the keysafe?

There are 2 key safes per hut with a set of keys in each safe – PLEASE ONLY USE ONE KEYSAFE!  The other is for emergency use only eg. if the keys are lost or you lock yourself out.  If you lose some keys, PLEASE let me know so I can replace them.
If you lock yourself out or lose both sets of keys you will need to call out a locksmith to get you back in.  This will be at your expense and costs incurred by any damage to the door or lock and replacement keys will also be your responsibility to pay for.  You could try these locksmiths - John on 07977 720369 or Taylor on 01255 714236

What is your Cancellation Policy?
The booking is non-refundable and non-transferable including in the event of bad weather.  If you want to guarantee the weather then please do not book a hut in advance! Wait until you are convinced that the weather will be as you want it to be and then check what's available and leave the advance bookings for those who are willing to take a chance on the weather to secure the date they want!  As much as we would love everyone to have a glorious, sunny day for their visit, this is not the reality of our British weather but the joy of a beach hut is that it provides enjoyment and shelter whatever the weather!  
However, if you can let us know about a possible cancellation or transfer with enough advance notice then we can try to resell the day and if successful we may refund you minus a £20 cancellation fee.
Is there a Waiting List?
We do not operate a waiting list for beach huts. To be notified of cancellations follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram.
Do you have a mailing list?
Yes you can tick a box during the checkout process when booking a hut to sign up to our newsletter and be advised of things like the opening of booking calendars / new huts / special offers etc
Where can I find Tide Times?
The sea around this part of the world is very tidal and at high tide the sea comes right up to the sea wall making the beach inaccessible for that part of the day.  There is a part of the beach round the corner towards Frinton which usually is not covered at high tide so you can always go and explore that part of the beach at that time or just relax on the prom, in the hut and on the pier.
Please Click Here to check tide times and be aware that the beach disappears for approximately 2 hours before and after High Tide

Beach safety

Please click to go to RNLI Beach Safety and remember to RESPECT the water!

Who do I contact if I have a problem?
Please WhatsApp or call:
Anna on 07966 848604 (call Anna first)
Louis on 07900 054876

Terms and Conditions
This agreement is between us (“Daisy Beach Huts”) and you “(the Hirer”)
1. Definitions
“The Hut” means Huts A14, A16, A42, A115, A172, A173, A178, A183, A184 Front Row and D10, Southcliff Promenade, Walton on the Naze, Essex CO14 8EJ and Hut 462, High Wall, Frinton, CO13 9AS
“Date of Booking” means the date for which you have booked the Hut. 
“Daily rate” means the rate payable for each day of hire of the Hut 
 “Hirer” means you.
“Daisy Beach Huts” means us.
2. Charges 
2.1. Payment of the daily rate is required in full at the time of booking which is non-refundable subject to the exclusion below;
2.2. In the event that the Hut is unavailable for let due to damage sustained to the Hut which would make it unsuitable to let, such damage having been sustained due to severe weather conditions causing the Hut to be found unsafe and / or not watertight, we will at our discretion endeavour to offer an alternative hut or date subject to availability, failing which we shall apply a full refund.
2.3. The booking is not transferable or refundable including in the event of bad weather save for the exception at Clause 2.2 herein.
2.3. The key code for the keys of the Hut shall be released no more than 5 days and no less than 2 days before the booking upon full payment having been made at the Daily Rate to the Account for the Date of Booking.
3. Duration of Hire and Capacity
3.1 The Hut is available from 10am to 5pm (low season / 6pm (mid/high season) each date of Booking.  If you are booking consecutive days then you may stay until 10pm each day apart from the last day when you must leave at 5/6pm.
3.2 The keys are available from the key safe on the back or side of the Hut.   
3.3 Keep noise to a minimum and respectfully be aware of occupants of other beach huts.  Music is permitted but confined to the Hut and kept to a minimum in order not to cause nuisance.
3.4 The maximum capacity permitted per hut including adults, children and pets is 8.
3.5 There must be a responsible adult over the age of 18 present at all times that the hut is in use.
4.   General 
4.1 The directions and instructions for the safe use of the portable gas stove are set out in the video clip on the Booking Information Form provided at the time of booking and attached.  The instructions require watching and are to be followed.  The stove should be correctly turned off after use. We will not be responsible or held liable for any misuse of the gas stove.  Do not use your own pans on the stove as they could be a fire hazard.
4.2 For safety reasons smoking is not permitted in the Hut at any time.
4.3 Barbeques are not permitted.
4.4. Frying food is not permitted.
4.5. All litter is to be removed and disposed of responsibly on your departure on the booking date.
4.6. The Hut should be left in a clean and tidy condition and swept out prior to departure and cleaning equipment and products are provided for that purpose.
4.7. The Hirer is responsible for all of his/her personal property and that of his/her guests.  We do not accept responsibility or liability for any loss, theft, or damage to personal belongings howsoever caused.
4.8. All damage and breakages are to be reported to us.  The cost of damage and for repairs or replacements caused by you, and / or your guests shall be charged to you as the Hirer and upon us producing to you an invoice for the same.
5. Departure on Date of Booking
5.1 The Hut must be vacated by 5pm(low season)/6pm (mid/high season) on the Date of Booking.
5.2 The Hut must be securely locked and bolted and the keys replaced in the key safe and the numbers scrambled and the shutter to the safe closed.
5.2.1 Loss of keys will result in a charge to you for the cost of a new set of keys and the cost of a locksmith on notice to you and thereafter production of an invoice to you payable by you within 14 days of that invoice date.
6. Your personal Information
6.1 Our Privacy Policy can be viewed on our website and sets out how we, Daisy Beach Huts, collect, store and use information about you when you use or interact with our website, https://www.daisybeachhuts.com/  (our website) and where we otherwise obtain or collect information about you. This Privacy Policy is effective from 25 May 2018.
7. Jurisdiction and Governing Laws.
The governing laws of England apply to this Agreement. The Hirer irrevocably agrees that in the event of a dispute the jurisdiction for that purpose shall be England.
The Hirer agrees to the Terms and Conditions as set out herein.